The Brian M. Keenan Prize

The Keenan Prize is an independent $1,500 cash prize that awards Canadian undergraduate papers on the topics of social and political philosophy, philosophy of history and philosophy of law. It is funded and run by its student board with help from donors to Dr. The Brian M. Keenan Fund held with the Winnipeg Foundation.

Applications Open to May 31st

Nicholas Duguay is the winner of the 2021 Keenan Prize for the paper The Problem of Stability: A Case for Civic Friendship in the Rawlsian Society.

Learn more about Dr. Brian M. Keenan through his students and colleagues, and the spirit of our independent student-run award for undergraduate students in Canada.

Open each year from February to May, the winners are announced each October. Learn about the criteria, selection process, and policies of the prize.

Contributions to the prize can be made to The Dr. Brian M. Keenan Fund, facilitated through the Winnipeg Foundation.


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